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Midsommarstugan/Midsommarstugan cave

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Halland has numerous fracture caves – small yet winding nooks between large boulders. Midsommarstugan, with a small brook inside, is among the more exciting.

Cavern one storey down

The cave has a fairly spacious entrance from the south. A ladder is necessary to descend safely. 

You will pass a large daylight hole called “Fönstret” (“the Window”) before the floor sinks into the cavern. The maximum height is about 4 m, but there is no headroom in the cavern.

Running water

A stream runs through the cave, just about in the centre. The running water appears to have polished the rock. This is also apparent on a ledge called “Stenbänken” (“the Stone Bench”) on the western wall of the cave. At the north end of the cave, the brook fol

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